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Caroline Radziminski

I’m an thrilled to announce that I’m now taking clients for personalized hair services! With over three years delving into the world of Cosmetology, Caroline has a flair for painting your world with vivid colors and crafting the smoothest blowouts.


Her mission? To make you feel and look your absolute best, inside and out. Caroline's commitment to excellence shines through her continuous education, both in-person and online, ensuring every client enjoys a top-notch experience. Ready to glow? Book with Caroline and step into the spotlight!  


When she's not wielding her styling tools, Caroline trades her salon chair for the thrill of the softball field, embracing her love for the game. Her adventurous spirit doesn't stop there – she's a wanderlust at heart, always on the move to explore new sights and experiences.


Whether she's hitting home runs or jet-setting to her next destination, Caroline brings the same energy and passion to her life as she does to each hairstyle she creates.

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