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Salon Manager

Cory Muro

When you call or come into Craft Collective chances are Cory will be who you talk to/see first. But salon coordinating/managing was never a path he thought he would end up on! Music is his first passion and he has toured the world and worked in some of the most legendary studios with his bands Punchline, The Composure and Lakeview.


He met his wife Selena in 2015 while she was beginning her career as a stylist. Not long after the salon she worked at needed a front desk person! The rest is history.


Cory brings 6 years of experience in salon management, if you have a question or need to book an appointment he’s who you want to talk to! But don’t worry, music is still very much his passion and he is thrilled to be able to combine his crafts and be a part of the Collective!

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